It’s Easier with a Lever

muscular pain help with kinesiologyMost of us are familiar with the word “lever” and what it does. In simple terms a lever amplifies a small force at one end do heavy work at the other end. Or it just makes life easy! Even without knowing it we use levers all the time in daily life. Think about opening a door, using a screwdriver, sweeping the floor or prising open a tight lid. A small effort at one end does a much bigger job at the other end. As a Systematic Kinesiologist I work a lot with people who have tight and sore muscles which cause pain and restrict movement.  I don’t massage, stretch, or apply heat or vibrating pads to the muscle itself. I work instead on specific points which are related to but at a distance from the muscle.  We all have tiny areas on the body called Neuro Lymphatic points. These are mostly between the ribs and either side of the spine. Rubbing a specific point for even 20 seconds will energise and support its corresponding muscle. This is a very simple and quick way to relieve muscle pain and stiffness.  Just like using a lever we can achieve great results with minimum effort.  To see how you can help yourself check out my videos.  https://sligokinesiology.ie/videos/ If you wish to book an appointment with me please use the contact form on this website.  https://sligokinesiology.ie/contact/


Flattening the steps

Sligo Kinesiology help with muscles for climbing steps Last week when out walking in my local forest I ventured up to Union Rock to take in the stunning views of Sligo and it’s surroundings on a warm Summer’s evening.  I don’t do much hill walking or climbing but the addition of wooden steps to local mountain paths makes climbing easy and accessible.  I have however met people who don’t like the steps because they find them tiring on the legs and they get out of puff quickly. I would have felt the same a few years ago but having found Systematic Kinesiology for balancing muscles I am able to switch on and engage my glut and quad muscles to give me extra power on the hills. When these strong leg muscles are balanced and working well it’s like having extra gears on a bicycle. They provide that extra push and power for getting up the hills. For anyone  who finds the steps are more challenging than expected we can make them seem flatter! A Systematic Kinesiology session will help to strengthen and energise important hip and leg muscles so walking uphill becomes easier and more enjoyable. For appointment call 086-8138963 or use the website contact form.


Apart from the herd

Sligo Kinesiology relief from back painI have noticed over the last month the big talking point with people I meet is the so called “Jab” as it has become known.  Once upon a time a casual conversation would be about the weather, mutual friends, holidays or nice places to eat.  Now it seems acceptable for friends and even strangers to ask such questions as …did you get the jab?, When are you getting it?  or Which one did you get? I must say I am amazed and stunned to see ordinary people discussing personal medical information like a soap-opera storyline. Do we now make important health and welfare decisions based on what everyone else is doing?  Perhaps having not listened to RTE or picked up a newspaper for well over a year gives me a different perspective on life. I make my own health choices and I respect other people’s right to make theirs. I tend to do what works for me and what has always worked in the past. My personal “shot in the arm” is a supplement of Vitamin D3 + K2 daily, Vitamin C + Zinc as needed and eating good wholesome food which I can easily tolerate.  I have found through experience and Kinesiology testing that I am better off without wheat and potatoes. I love a good walk in nature a few times a week and I drink water throughout the day. I avoid prescription and over the counter medication unless absolutely necessary. Keeping in touch with and visiting family and friends is hugely important to me. These are lifestyle choices I made many years ago  and I see no reason to change or amend anything at this time.  I like to keep ahead of any aches and pain and stay flexible by using simple self-help Systematic Kinesiology techniques. I have lots of free video tips here for anybody who might be interested.https://sligokinesiology.ie/videos/  To find out more about how Systematic Kinesiology can help or to make an appointment please call 086-8138963 or use the contact form above.


You are what you Don’t Eat

Sligo Kinesiology for food intolerance testingWhen it comes to healthy living we often hear the phrase “You Are what you Eat”. There may be a certain amount of truth here but there is another way of looking at it. For sure it makes perfect sense to avoid processed food which contains many chemicals and to cut down on sugar and artificial sweeteners. It is good to eat natural nutritious food and home cook from basic ingredients.  People however are biochemically different and foods that agree with one person’s system may irritate another. I have discovered through experience and verified by Systematic Kinesiology muscle testing that I am better off not eating wheat or potatoes. If I eat either I get tummy cramps, bloating and feel sluggish. Yet many people enjoy bread and potatoes and have no ill-effects whatsoever. When I muscle test clients some are surprised to learn that a common food they eat everyday does not agree with them. They may have been suffering digestive symptoms and pain for months or years, yet no medical reason was identified. The good news is that by swapping out just one or two things in our diet we can bring about a dramatic improvement.   Less discomfort and more energy in just a few weeks is possible by finding and avoiding foods that we are intolerant too. So really it is what we Don’t Eat that makes the difference. Having a comfortable digestive system does wonders for overall health and energy and also boosts the Immune System.


No News is Good News

Help for muscle aches and pain It is now one year since I stopped listening to and watching RTE News or any other mainstream media. I don’t even look at ads anymore. I finally figured out after being suspicious for many years that most of what we call NEWS is made up. Or there might be a tiny grain of truth wrapped in layers and layers of mistruth, exaggeration and confusion.  The fear mongering and propaganda put out during the past year regarding a virus has been shocking beyond belief. The so called “experts” never mention the benefits of vitamins, good food, an active lifestyle and natural therapies yet heavily promote experimental mRNA gene changing injections. Or so I have been reliably informed by those who still tune in.

The freedom that comes from not listening to the NEWS is amazing. I work things out for myself and use logic, reasoning and intuition to make my decisions. I used to drive with the car radio on half-listening to trashy music or chat shows. Now I choose to play uplifting songs, hymns and educational podcasts through my phone.  In the evening I read inspiring books and revise manuals on Systematic Kinesiology and other Natural Health topics.  With the days getting longer and weather improving I will be spending more time in the garden and polytunnel.  I continue to make new videos for my website and update the older ones. I keep them simple, clear and easy to follow so that interested people have a quick and Free “Self-Help Guide” for minor aches and pains. Switching off the NEWS on March 4th2020 was the best Self-Help decision I ever made.  I can highly recommend this “Off Switch” therapy for everybody. It takes half a second, costs nothing and you will feel much better in a just a few days.



The Wheelbarrow

Sligo Kinesiology help for muscle painI have always been a big fan of “The Wheelbarrow”. A most useful item for anybody involved in farming, gardening or just general pottering about. The other day when I was using one to move a bag of garden compost I was transported back many years to my farming days when an old wheelbarrow was my best friend.

Its many tasks included:

  • Carrying buckets of nuts to lambing ewes residing in different sheds
  • Bringing square bales of hay and fresh straw to the same ladies. Max capacity two bales otherwise a derailing would be on the cards
  • Removing the straw a few days later …by then a different texture
  • On rare occasions a bouncy buggy for baby lambs
  • Ferrying sods of turf from the aptly named but distant “Turf House” to our backdoor
  • In summertime with a few cushions added and wheel pointing skywards it served as a sturdy garden deckchair

While admittedly low in power the wheelbarrow was much more maneuverable and easier started than our old tractor!  The beauty and versatility of the humble wheelbarrow is down to its design and balance, provided we load it correctly. Too much weight towards the front and it becomes unstable tending to rapidly shed its load downwards and to one side. Weighted to the back it is heavy and hard to push. Get the balance right and we have an efficient lean yet mean machine

Balance is important in all aspects of life. In my work as a Systematic Kinesiologist I strive to bring balance to the body.  I check a series of muscles on both sides and gently correct any that are problematic. Generally the job of a muscle is to contract just the right amount at the right moment to move a bone. When muscles are working in balance and harmony they take the strain off our joints. This means a lot less  stiffness, aches or pain.  With our muscles working efficiently we move freely with less effort. We also enjoy extra energy and strength so even a fully loaded barrow is easy to push.



New Video Channel

Sligo Kinesiology help for muscle aches and painI have recently added a video channel to this website to share the self-help videos I made over the last few years.  Due to the current situation with lockdowns and social isolation I believe self-help and taking responsibility for our own health and wellbeing is more important than ever before.

Over the past year I have missed being able to meet up with my colleagues from other parts of Ireland and swap treatment sessions which we would normally do at least four times a year. Because of this I have had to put more effort into self-care and finding out how to fix my own aches and pain rather than relying on another therapist. Through this learning process I have put together new tips and techniques that have worked well for me in easing neck, lower-back and shoulder pain. I am delighted to share these tips in my videos. I have also included some older videos  where relevant.  I have a playlist with some Stress Relief tips which are simple and effective. I intend to add more videos to this channel over the next few weeks and months. Hope you find it helpful and do share this link with anybody who might be interested.



Mobile Free Zone

I wrote this article back in January before the current situation with the Corona Virus. Although it’s not fully relevant at the moment I decided to share it anyway because it may resonate with some people.

Before 29th March 2004 whenever I rang to book a table for a meal out I was asked “Smoking or Non Smoking”. Choosing Non Smoking just meant it took a little longer for the plume to drift across from the other end of the room.

I remember back in early 2004 my smoking work colleagues debating this ban and agreeing between themselves that it would never work! They figured it just could not be enforced.  But it was one of the best things that ever happened (along with the plastic bag levy). Since the “Ban” smokers have their own dedicated covered smoking areas outside. A neighbour of mine who enjoys a cigarette said the “Ban” was the best thing ever. The exercise of going outside and the fresh air improved his health and he got to chat to people he wouldn’t normally meet inside the pub.  Meanwhile in my workplace I could enjoy my lunch-break without being forced to engage in passive smoking.

Nowadays In hotel lobby’s restaurants and public areas most people are glued to their mobile phones forever checking social media, playing games or sending messages. I admit I used to be the very same but for 2020 I have limited myself to only checking Facebook on my laptop and leaving my phone off and out of sight when I’m socialising with friends. Already I am feeling the benefits. I am no longer addicted to scrolling Facebook whilst in a waiting area or a que. I use the time more productively I carry a small notebook and jot down ideas and thoughts that come to mind. I observe what is going on around me and engage with people I meet rather than being only half attentive because I’m itching to check that last ding from my phone.  I find I am becoming calmer and more focused which gives me the space for clear thinking and inspiration

Someday in the future I hope I will be able to book a table for two in the “Mobile Free Zone”


Lessons from a Labrador

Sligo Kinesiology for help with food intolerance and digestive problemsI came across a Facebook post some time ago called “The Dogs Diary” listing a dog’s day in one hour slots from 8am to 11 pm including things like Breakfast, Going in the Car, Going for a walk, Playing ball, Sleeping etc.  All pretty normal doggie stuff and each sentence was followed by the line ……”My Favourite Thing”

This diary reminds me very much of a Black Labrador I had some years ago called Tank.   His heavy tail used to wag and thump almost non-stop from early morning to late at night except of course when he was sleeping. It is said that a dog comes into a person’s life and waits a while to teach us something….

Tank loved just about everything

Jumping into my van to go for a spin

Jumping out of it again when we arrived at our walking place

Swimming in and coming back out of the water and having a good shake

Long walks followed by a good sleep afterwards

I used to bring him to visit a school for children with special needs, he loved going in and he also loved coming back out having brought joy to many.  We would go for a nice walk on the beach afterwards.

Like most dogs Tank just lived in the moment and loved it.  He would bounce out of bed in the morning never thinking …oh No do I really have to get up today!

Most people on the other hand spend a lot of time living in the future

Thinking and worrying about what might happen and wondering if we should do something or not

Should I go to that event/function/meeting?

and what will people think if I go?  What will they think if I don’t go?

Many years ago I asked a relative for advice regarding a two year course that I wanted to do but was unsure about the commitment. His reply was “the next two years will go by anyway whether you do it or not”   but he helpfully added “new knowledge is never a burden to carry”

Sometimes we attach far too much importance to what might happen and talk ourselves out of new learning and experiences because we worry about taking the first step. Nowadays where possible I embrace opportunities and feel much better because of it. Living in and enjoying the present moment is just one of the many lessons I learned from my lovely dog Tank.


In praise of January

Sligo Kinesiology for help with shoulder, neck and Lower back painI love the month of January! Always have.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy the Christmas Season I really do.  I just love getting everything back to normal and starting afresh for the New Year.

Simple pleasures of January for me:

Quiet car parks

No big queues in the shops

A noticeable stretch in the evenings

Getting back to regular walking with my dog Pippa

Catching up with friends I missed over Christmas

Opportunity to plan the year ahead


January is a great month for looking ahead and making plans. I look up courses and events I want to attend this year. I look at where I am now and see the many ways I and my business have grown and developed since January 2019. I find that inspiration and new ideas come to me easily at this time of year

I hear lots of people moaning and groaning about January and wishing it were over. I look instead to the many positives about this month with its new beginnings and new hopes. Every day, week and month has its own challenges. I always aim to make each day better than the one before.