Help for muscle aches and pain It is now one year since I stopped listening to and watching RTE News or any other mainstream media. I don’t even look at ads anymore. I finally figured out after being suspicious for many years that most of what we call NEWS is made up. Or there might be a tiny grain of truth wrapped in layers and layers of mistruth, exaggeration and confusion.  The fear mongering and propaganda put out during the past year regarding a virus has been shocking beyond belief. The so called “experts” never mention the benefits of vitamins, good food, an active lifestyle and natural therapies yet heavily promote experimental mRNA gene changing injections. Or so I have been reliably informed by those who still tune in.

The freedom that comes from not listening to the NEWS is amazing. I work things out for myself and use logic, reasoning and intuition to make my decisions. I used to drive with the car radio on half-listening to trashy music or chat shows. Now I choose to play uplifting songs, hymns and educational podcasts through my phone.  In the evening I read inspiring books and revise manuals on Systematic Kinesiology and other Natural Health topics.  With the days getting longer and weather improving I will be spending more time in the garden and polytunnel.  I continue to make new videos for my website and update the older ones. I keep them simple, clear and easy to follow so that interested people have a quick and Free “Self-Help Guide” for minor aches and pains. Switching off the NEWS on March 4th2020 was the best Self-Help decision I ever made.  I can highly recommend this “Off Switch” therapy for everybody. It takes half a second, costs nothing and you will feel much better in a just a few days.