Food Intolerance Testing

I use Kinesiology muscle testing to find out if a food will cause symptoms and problems in the body over time.  This is different from a “food allergy” where even a tiny amount of a substance can trigger a sudden and severe reaction . In these cases medical treatment is needed quickly

Food sensitivity causes vague but uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, stomach cramps and skin irritation. These symptoms might come and go for years but get much worse in times of stress.  Also as people get older they may find it more difficult to cope with certain foods.

When I test for food sensitivity I find out very quickly if any of a clients regular foods are causing a problem. I simply place a small vial on the clients neck area. Then I test some muscles relating to the digestive system.  With this method we get instant answers. We do not have to send away sample or wait for results.

Clients do not have to eliminate a huge amount of foods from the diet and introduce them again one by one. I can find out the specific food items which are best avoided and others which are perfectly ok to eat. Avoiding the problem foods even for a few weeks gives the  body a chance to recover.  Uncomfortable symptoms will often disappear quite quickly. I can also check if any supplements such as digestive enzymes or probiotics will help with the symptoms.

How to find the right supplement for your body

Nowadays magazines and social media tell us all about the latest and greatest “must have” supplements.  We need lots of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, super foods and green powders to stay healthy.. or so we are told!   On the other hand medical experts say we get enough nutrients from the food we eat.

The fact is that most people do need supplements but only very specific ones and for a short time. If we take loads of supplements every day for months on end it can be wasteful. Some vitamins compete with each so the very one the body needs most might not be absorbed. Many people take supplements everyday “just in case” but without testing they do not know what is really needed..

With Systematic Kinesiology muscle testing I can find the exact supplement which will help your body with a particular problem.  I can even check what brand and dosage will work best. Often the higher quality supplements work better and more quickly than cheaper brands.  Every person is different so the nutrient that helps one person may be useless for somebody else.  With muscle testing there is no guesswork. The one or two key nutrients that show up as being required will make a big difference to a person’s heath over a few weeks.  In the long run this is a cost effective and easy way to stay healthy.

Sligo Kinesiology for food sensivity testing