Allergy Testing & Correction

Nowadays more than ever before our bodies are bombarded with very high amounts of chemical, electromagnetic and environmental toxins. All sorts of allergies are getting more common in children and adults. In the case of dust, pet hair/fur or moulds symptoms include all year round sneezing, itchy and watery eyes or uncomfortable stuffy or runny nose. With grass, flower and tree pollen allergies these same symptoms are more common in the spring and summer months. Toxic chemicals and heavy metals in our food, water and personal care products can cause  distressing symptoms like skin rashes, tiredness and low energy levels. Using Kinesiology I am able to test for a wide range of toxins including housedust mite where itching and rash is worst in the morning. I then do simple allergy corrections to help strengthen the body’s own immune defences and reduce the annoying symptoms. I have found through experience that when I clear toxins from the body essential minerals and nutrients are absorbed more easily and work better.

Heavy Metal Detox

Over the years people are exposed to heavy metals such as Mercury, Aluminum, Lead, Graphene oxide, Nickle and Cadmium that are generally toxic to the body. I use a very effictive technique from Kinesiology to find out if these metals might be adversely affecting a person”s health. I then use a gentle method to help clear the toxic metals from the body. Clearing heavy metals helps the good minerals such as Magnesium and Zinc to be better absorbed as they are no longer blocked by heavier elements. This process is very specific to each person. Mercury could affect one person whereas Cadmium or Aluminium might cause problems for another. Toxic metals can be stored in different organs or areas of the body. The treatment method I use to correct toxicity is very gentle and does not  involve expensive supplements or chelators.

Food Intolerance Testing

Food intolerance or sensitivity causes uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, stomach cramps or even skin rashes and joint pain. These symptoms can come and go for years but get much worse in times of stress. When I test for food intolerance I find out immediately if regular everyday foods are causing a problem. While wheat and dairy show up for a lot of people others might have issues with oats, potato or tomatoes. Everybody is different and it’s much better to find out exactly what is causing the problem rather than guessing. Avoiding one or two problem foods gives the  body a chance to recover. Uncomfortable symptoms will often disappear within days or weeks. I can also check if supplements such as digestive enzymes or probiotics will help with the symptoms and speed up the healing process. I do not recommend that my clients cut out a long list of foods and reintroduce them one by one as this is very difficult and time consuming.

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