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My name is Patricia Kearns I help people who struggle with on-going pain, allergies and digestive problems. Using the Systematic Kinesiology whole body approach to health I aim to resolve the root cause of problems rather than just easing symptoms. I find that many clients suffer with chronic pain and stiffness as a result of old injuries and repetitive strains. I use a very gentle and effective technique called “Injury Recall”  to release tight muscles and improve flexibility.

My goal is to empower people to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.  This is much easier that most people think! Just rubbing a few key points on the body for five minutes a day helps muscles work more efficiently, improves digestion and supports the immune system. Take a look through my self-help videos  

To book an appointment please contact me by phone 086-8138963  or email

Help for Back, Hip and Knee Pain

Do you suffer with chronic lower back pain.?

Does the pain settle down for a while but then flares up acutely?

Does it strike suddenly when bending down, twisting or lifting something?

When you have lower back pain it affects everything you do from walking to driving to housework and gardening. Simple everyday tasks require careful planning and lots of time.

Using muscle testing I will check to find the root cause of the problem and work with muscles to ease the pain.  This means you can move more easily and worry less about “minding your back”. I use similar methods for helping with hip and knee pain.

The muscle memory of old injuries remains in the body for many years after the injury happened. This restricts flexibility and causes stiffness. Using gentle Kinesiology techniques I can find these old injuries, release the muscle tension and help to restore normal flexibility.

Help for Neck and Shoulder pain

Does your neck get sore after working all day at the computer?

It is tricky to turn your head to look left when driving?

Is reaching your arm behind your back still easy?

What about raising your arm to reach a high shelf?

People may think that restricted neck and shoulder movement is due to aging or wear and tear. They struggle to find work arounds or avoid tasks that used to be so easy. However stiffness and discomfort is often due to muscles which are not fully switched on. I can help by reactivating these muscles to bring ease from pain and increase your range of movement and flexibility.

Old injuries to the neck and shoulder often result in spasm and contraction of muscles for years after the initial injury has healed. This may be causing stiffness and is something I can help with.

Food Intolerance Testing

Do you ever get cramping pains, discomfort or bloating after eating?

If so you may be suffering from a food sensitivity ….but to which food?

Are you concerned about having to give up almost everything you now eat and re-introduce them one by one over a number of months?

With Kinesiology it is so much simpler. Using muscle testing I will find out the exact foods that are causing a problem. I do this by placing small food vials on the clients body over the clothing.  I then check some muscles relating to the digestive system and note any reaction to each food. Removing even one of these from the diet can make a big difference in just a few days. I also check to see if any supplements or vitamins are needed to heal and support the digestive system.

Best of all the results are instant so you know immediately what steps to take in order to enjoy your food in comfort again.

Success Stories

Kinesiology helped my Back pain and Sciatica

What a great job you did…for past 2 years on painkillers after only 3 sessions I haven’t taken one in weeks. Well worth giving it a try. ..thanks a million Patricia

Linda – Sligo

Kinesiology helped with my old Injuries

I had a number of treatments for multiple fractures and old injuries that made my body asymmetrical  and received great relief and increased energy. Even managed to re-engage an atrophied muscle and settle my small intestine. Was very happy with both the level of knowledge the ability to answer my questions.  I recommend it

Tina  – Leitrim

Kinesiology helped with my Knee pain and Cellulitis

I have suffered from painful knees for most of my life and as an example I was not able to kneel in a church without chronic pain and heat in my knees afterwards. Driving long journeys was also very unpleasant. The biggest issue for me in regards to the knees was the fact that it prevented me from enjoying the horse riding that I love.  Over a number of months I had regular sessions with Patricia and I was delighted with the results. Both my knees have vastly improved and I can now enjoy long treks on the horse with little to no pain.

Since 2011 I have suffered from cellulitis in my left lower leg. I had about 10 bouts of it including 2 stays in hospital on drips with a temperature of 104 degrees. The medical profession could only offer me antibiotics every time and after a 3 year wait to see a dermatologist I was simply told that it sometimes happens that a person can get recurring bouts of cellulitis and there was nothing more that could be done. I was having a very painful bout every 3 to 6 months and it was already resistant to one of the antibiotics I had been using. Part of the service Patricia offers is testing if various types of nutritional support would help with a certain condition. I am not going to deny I was very sceptical as I felt nothing could be done, however the results have amazed and delighted me too. I am taking the supplement she recommended every day and have been free of cellulitis for over a year and I feel great. Each person is different so I am not mentioning the particular supplement I take because another person with the same condition could require something else to help them.  My life has been transformed by not having bouts of cellulitis anymore and simple things like being able to wear shorts, a skirt or dress have once again been possible as I am no longer embarrassed by the look of my leg. The pain is completely gone and the mark on my leg is barely visible anymore.

Maura – Sligo

Kinesiology helped my Skin Rash

Hi I haven’t drank milk since I saw you 6 weeks ago and my skin is perfect! Can’t believe it!

NIkky – Sligo

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I trained as a Systematic Kinesiologist because I personally found this was the only therapy that got to the root cause of my chronic back pain. It also fixed an old shoulder injury and resolved cramps and pains I had due to food intolerance. I was so impressed with my own results that I felt a strong desire to bring this therapy to other people.  A treatment session takes one hour and costs €50. I highly recommend a course of three sessions for best results.  If you would like to find out more you just send me a message using this contact form and I will get back to you.

Patricia Kearns

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