Sligo Kinesiology help with muscles for climbing steps Last week when out walking in my local forest I ventured up to Union Rock to take in the stunning views of Sligo and it’s surroundings on a warm Summer’s evening.  I don’t do much hill walking or climbing but the addition of wooden steps to local mountain paths makes climbing easy and accessible.  I have however met people who don’t like the steps because they find them tiring on the legs and they get out of puff quickly. I would have felt the same a few years ago but having found Systematic Kinesiology for balancing muscles I am able to switch on and engage my glut and quad muscles to give me extra power on the hills. When these strong leg muscles are balanced and working well it’s like having extra gears on a bicycle. They provide that extra push and power for getting up the hills. For anyone  who finds the steps are more challenging than expected we can make them seem flatter! A Systematic Kinesiology session will help to strengthen and energise important hip and leg muscles so walking uphill becomes easier and more enjoyable. For appointment call 086-8138963 or use the website contact form.