The proof of the pudding…..

Food Intolerance testing“The proof of the pudding is in the eating” meaning: You can only judge the quality of something after you have tried, used or experienced it.

This is statement is so true for Systematic Kinesiology as it is a relatively new therapy in Ireland. I myself was searching for nearly 30 years for a long lasting solution to my lower back pain. I had tried many avenues with varying degrees of success but I hadn’t found a lasting solution. My back would be fine for a few months only to flare up again if I wasn’t always very careful.

I first heard of Kinesiology in 2015. I did a lot of investigation online and found mixed reviews and many sceptics. Granted those people who were most sceptical had little knowledge about the subject. I am a very logical person so I needed to taste and experience Kinesiology first hand. I got the opportunity to do so at a “Taster Event” in Co Leitrim run by the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in Ireland. Shortly after the start of an excellent 90 minute presentation I knew this was the therapy for me. The instructor explained how the whole body is connected physically, emotionally, chemically and energetically. Muscle testing when used correctly can find out very accurately where the root cause of a problem actually lies.

The very next day I signed up for my foundation course in “Balanced Health”. Within 6 months I was studying Systematic Kinesiology at Diploma level. During this time I found the root cause of my lower back problem. It was a simple muscle imbalance which was easily fixed. I also discovered that my uncomfortable tummy cramps and bloating were due mainly to wheat intolerance.

Today I help my own clients with a wide variety of problems. These include lower back, hip and knee pain. Neck and shoulder pain and ongoing digestive issues and allergies. I enjoy the challenge of finding what is at the root cause of somebody’s pain or discomfort. People are amazed and delighted to discover simple long lasting solutions within a couple of weeks. Many like me had accepted their problem as normal and put up with it for years.

Sceptics will dismiss natural healing methods and therapies as being unscientific. They speak about double blind, placebo controlled studies being the gold standard. True enough such trials are necessary when dealing with potent drugs for acute and serious illness. However for chronic discomfort, aches and pains people don’t need to wait long years for “scientific evidence” to catch up with human experience.  When it comes to using gentle, natural healing methods like Systematic Kinesiology the proof of the pudding really is in the eating.


You Tell Me !

Patricia at Sligo Kinesiology muscle testingPeople often ask me if I can help with conditions such as Fibromyalgia, IBS, Asthma, Psoriasis, Cellulitis, etc.  My reply is I am not medically trained and I do not treat any specific condition or disease. What I do however is use muscle testing to help balance and support the body’s immune and energy systems.  This means that people are better able to heal themselves.  The body is naturally designed to repair itself if given the right conditions and environment. Even the most highly skilled surgeons can only do so much to help a patient. After surgery it is the person’s own healing ability physical, emotional and energetic that will determine the outcome. The more balanced and healthy we are the faster and more easily we recover.

As a Systematic Kinesiologist I use gentle muscle testing to find out where imbalances are held in the body and what support may be needed.  For example if a client attends with lower back pain and I find that nutrition is a high priority I will check if certain foods could be contributing to a muscle spasm. Also I can check if a particular nutritional supplement is needed for a time. It is never a good idea to assume I know what’s best.  I am guided always by the client’s body through muscle testing.  So really You the client are giving Me the answer!

Some people can be quite sceptical at first. Once they experience muscle testing  and follow through they are amazed by how accurate it is. While muscle testing may look and sound easy it is a complex bio-feedback system which requires skill.  Like every worthwhile skill it takes training and years of practice to prefect.  When I test clients I often find that foods like Gluten or Dairy are not agreeing with them. Sometimes people who are fine with Gluten have a problem with Oats, Potatoes or Tomatoes.  We are all different bio-chemically so there is no “one size fits all solution” A skin rash in some people may be related to wheat but in others it could be emotional stress or a chemical in the environment. Using muscle testing skilfully and applying the results is a very useful way of helping with a wide variety of chronic annoying conditions.


Connecting with people

Sligo Kinesiology for help with lower back painI took part in a most interesting post graduate training workshop organised by Kinesiology Zone last weekend.  There were about thirty of us who attended. Some were very familiar faces from my own class of 2018, others I had met before at past training events and some that I was meeting for the first time. There is something very special and powerful about connecting with a group of like-minded people. All of us involved in the field of natural health, eager and willing to learn more skills to help our clients. At these events we share our stories and experience over a cup of tea (or green tea) and help one another with ideas, suggestions and words of encouragement. In this day and age when we are increasingly consumed by smart phones, social media and online courses it is so nice to reconnect with friends and colleagues and learn in a vibrant live environment. The course itself was about the body’s energy system and how using very gentle techniques we can relieve pain and increase the range of motion in muscles.  I have been using my new skills quite a bit since and am delighted with the results. For anybody interested in relieving muscular pain with gentle natural means please get in touch using the contact on this website.


It’s all about Balance!

A client of mine recently remarked after just three treatment sessions that even though he didn’t fully understand what I was doing he felt a whole lot better. He went on to compare it to electricity he said we “don’t need to understand how it works as long as it works”.  That statement is very true we all know what it’s like to be without power for even a few hours and the feeling of relief when it comes back and everything works again. As long as it works we are happy. We don’t always understand the complex chemical, structural, and energetic workings of the human body but we definitely know when something isn’t quite right. As kinesiologists we talk a lot about balance and we aim to find and fix what is out of balance. This can be muscles where one is very tight and in spasm. Very often we resolve the pain by working on the opposite weak side so that balance is restored. Similarly if we find the gut or digestive system is out of balance we look for the one food that might be causing the problem. When the client avoids that particular food they usually restore balance and the problem goes away.  With the energetic system an over energy in one area of the body can lead to physical pain. Simply re-balancing the system will ease the pain. It is much easier to restore proper balance to the body before it gets too far out of kilter. Addressing that nagging intermittent pain or digestive discomfort in the early stages will save so much pain, time and money in the long run. When problems go too far or accumulate medication or even surgery may be necessary.  For more information on how Kinesiology can help you to stay healthy just contact me using the contact form on this website.


Tight Muscles and Food Sensitivity

Over the past year I have tested many people for food sensitivities or food intolerance.  They come to me because they have ongoing digestive symptoms such as cramps, bloating, constipation etc. They have usually been to see a doctor who could not find any medical problem. Using muscle testing and vials I will be able to tell which food does not agree with the client. When people avoid this food item their symptoms normally improve very quickly.  I can also check to see if the clients needs to take supplements to support the digestive system. Rather than having to take lots of different products I find out which one what will work best.

Another issue that people do not associate with food intolerance is muscle cramping,  and sore joints. When somebody is sensitive to a particular food it may not always effect the digestive system.  It can cause inflammation in other parts of the body such as the skin, muscles and joints.  This gets worse when the body is under pressure such as during exercise.  Some people who take part in sporting activities find they have constant muscle tightness in the lower body. Tight quads, hamstrings and glutes are common. People may get temporary relief by massage, stretching and other treatments. If however the root cause is food intolerance this relief is short lived.  Removing even one food item from the diet can make a huge difference in flexibility and range of motion. This can happen within a few weeks as the muscles re-set to normal tone. I have had several clients for whom this was the case but with different foods. For some it was the protein part of dairy, for others lactose, gluten or even oats.  If this is of interest and you would like to book an appointment please get in touch using the contact form on this website or call/text Patricia 086-8138963


From Flying to Kinesiology

Slligo Aero Club EI-SACMy background is in aviation, Air Traffic Control and flying. For many years I used to fly and instruct in light aircraft. I loved the sensation of take-off, being in the air and enjoying the breath taking scenery of Sligo and the North West from a unique vantage point.  I also loved the logical practical aspects of flying with all the required checks and cross checks. In the early stages of flying training one has to get used to using a light touch on the controls and making very small adjustments particularly when learning to land.  In addition to flying skills a pilot needs to have good judgement and the ability to make the right decision under pressure.

I see many similarities between flying and Systematic Kinesiology. In Aviation communication is very important we must be clear and concise always. English is the official language of aviation all over the world.  We use standard words and phrases and keep transmissions short and to the point. In kinesiology the language we use is muscle testing and this is also extremely precise and to the point. A muscle can test strong or weak.  Through muscle testing we can find out many different things about the body. We check if the muscle itself is working correctly, if a particular food is causing a problem for a client or if nutritional supplements are helpful or not.  We can also test for hidden virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite etc.  Just like flying an aircraft Kinesiology requires understanding the subject matter, accuracy in performance and a light touch.  I don’t use deep massage or push on the bones of the spine. Instead I use gentle pressure or tapping on specific points to stimulate the body to heal itself in the most natural way.

Like in aviation I always do pre-checks and cross check my work to make sure it is accurate. When training to be a pilot I studied Theory of Flight, Meteorology, Navigation, Air Law and Human Factors but it was only by combing them all together in practical flying training that this information made sense to me.  With Systematic Kinesiology we work in four areas of the body Mental/Emotional, Chemical, Physical and Energetic. By linking these areas together and using specific techniques to balance each one we provide a whole person approach to health and well-being.  I treat every client very much as an individual it is never a one size fits all. Two people with similar symptoms will often need very different treatments depending on what is the root cause of the problem.

I love learning new information and updating my skills by attending post-graduate lectures and workshops. I no longer teach people how to fly aeroplanes but I happily teach my clients to help themselves feel so good they can fly though life. People who have worked with me and followed my very simple guidelines have gotten relief from pain, become more flexible and regained comfortable digestion. For more information do get in touch by using the Contact Form on the homepage of this website or call/text Patricia 086-8138963.

Thanks to Sligo Aero Club for the photo of Cessna 172 EI-SAC which I used to fly many years ago.


Suffering with stomach cramps and bloating?

Sligo Kinesiology for food sensivity testingFive main reasons for uncomfortable digestive problems such as cramps, bloating and feeling full. No 4 is not well know!

1. Food sensitivity or intolerance:
Many people are sensitive to certain foods and may not even be aware of it. Two of the most common sensitivities are to Gluten and Diary. People who are not coeliac can still have a sensitivity to gluten and they feel much better when it is removed from the diet. Dairy intolerance may causes sinus and nasal congestion due to extra mucus production. In some but not all cases goat’s milk is better tolerated.

2 Low Stomach Acid:
Very often people take antacids for what is termed “heartburn” and acid reflux. This will ease symptoms but the root cause may actually be low stomach acid where there is insufficient acid in the stomach to begin the complex digestion process. Ironically the symptoms of low and high stomach acid are very similar. If taking antacids is giving only temporary relief then it is worth getting checked for low stomach acid. This condition can be remedied by taking specific natural supplements.

3 Eating too much processed food:
Processed and ready- made foots contain a lot of chemical preservatives and flavourings such as MSG. A sensitivity or allergy to any one of these chemicals can cause inflammation, discomfort and pain.

4 Ileo cecal Valve
This is a small muscular valve at the junction of the small and large intestine. It normally stays closed but opens at regular intervals to allow a section of digested food to continue on into the large intestine. This valve can malfunction causing bloating, cramps diarrhoea or constipation. One symptom is-intermittent pain in the lower right side that is un-explained. The ileo cecal valve can be re-set using a simple non-invasive kinesiology technique.

5. Leaky Gut syndrome:
This is where the surface of the small intestine has many tiny holes which allow food to pass into the blood stream before it is broken down finely enough. This causes the immune system to react and attack what it sees to be an invader. The result is inflammation and pain which can be widespread throughout the body. In cases where people react adversely to almost every food they eat it is usually the gut that needs to be healed rather than just blaming the food.

The good news is that in most cases these distressing digestive problems can be resolved by finding out where the root cause of the problem lies and treating with natural methods. Eliminating even 1 or 2 key irritating foods will go a long way towards reducing inflammation and restoring balance in the digestive system.
For more information or to book an appointment call or text 086-8138963 or fill in the contact form on this website.


The Intermittent Fault !

One of the most annoying things to have wrong with a laptop, phone, car or domestic appliance is an intermittent fault. Most of the time the machine or device works perfectly but it can let us down suddenly and dramatically!!  Often by the time we engage an expert to check it out the fault seems to have vanished only to emerge again at a most inappropriate time.

Similarly with the human body many problems start off as intermittent pain or slight discomfort. We might have pain in our knees or hips but only after walking or running. We might have stiffness in the lower back but only in the morning or pain in the shoulders after lifting heavy bags. In some cases these issues improve within a few weeks but more often than not they continue and the joint or muscle becomes even more painful. This means we no longer enjoy walking, running or sports and we become wary about lifting anything heavy.  Some people have to take pain-killers before doing physical work and while these pills mask the symptoms they do nothing to treat the cause of the problem.

With Kinesiology muscle testing and treatment it is very easy to find and correct intermittent problems before they develop into more painful issues. If a client tells me they get pain for example only after running I will test the muscles involved and find the root cause which may be a weak muscle or spasm or even an old injury.  Using simple techniques I will correct the problem and also give the client tips on avoiding future injuries. It is hugely beneficial to the entire body to correct minor problems that we call “imbalances” in the early stages. This gives people greater range of movement, more energy and the ability to enjoy all aspects of life again

For anybody who would like to get relief from annoying aches and pains and prevent them from developing do give me a call or text 086-8138963 or use the contact form on this website.


Look beyond the obvious !

In so many situations in life it is very easy to jump to conclusions and make assumptions. We hear or see something and immediately the obvious answer springs to mind. However like in most good detective films the first suspect is seldom the culprit. We need to follow the evidence carefully and ask lots of questions to solve a problem. I recall an unusual set of symptoms I had many years ago. Every morning after a 40 minute drive to work I would feel dizzy and nauseous for about an hour then I would be ok only to feel the same way after coming home in the evening. This went on for about 4 days then I sought professional help….from a mechanic! I asked him to check if there might be any trace of noxious gas in my car making me feel unwell. After a thorough examination he diagnosed and repaired a cracked pipe in the engine and I had no further symptoms.

Sometimes people who feel generally unwell have lots of medical tests and nothing shows up. Then rather than thinking “it must be in my head” they should ask a few more questions. Could this be an allergy to something in the environment, the home, or in a particular food that is toxic? Recently a client of mine just happened to mention she felt wheezy after having a shower. I corrected a sight allergy to chlorine and she has been fine since. I have also found that milk can cause or aggravate sinus problems as can perfume or after-shave. In Systematic Kinesiology we use the body’s energetic system to detect imbalances at a very early stage. Finding the problem at this stage means it is much easier to treat and will prevent years of discomfort and suffering. If something in the body doesn’t feel right is important to keep searching beyond the obvious for an answer.

To find out how kinesiology testing can help with allergies contact me by email or call/text 086-8138963


Always Learning

Patricia Kearns at Sligo Kinesiology for help with lower back painI am a curious person by nature I like to ask questions some of them a bit more quirky than most people would consider asking. The phrase “It would take YOU to ask THAT” has often been uttered in semi annoyed tones by my close family members. I tend to look a bit deeper into subjects that interest me and go beyond the obvious. That is one of the reasons I took to Systematic Kinesiology like a duck to water. It is a huge and complex subject but full of connections, patterns and logical explanations. I am always looking for these connections and thinking outside the box. When I see clients I am working away in the background between each treatment session to join up the dots and make sense of seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Earlier this month I attended an advanced training course in Dubin organised by Siobhan Guthrie principal of The Association of Systematic Kinesiology in Ireland, TASK. Our Instructor Marek Urbanowicz is a highly qualified and vastly experienced kinesiologist and acupuncturist. He flew over from England to teach a jam packed programme to a group of 40 enthusiastic post grad students. I found this event fascinating as Marek had lots of new material to teach us as well as interesting twists and tweaks on techniques we already knew. Of course I had loads of questions but didn’t get a chance to ask many such was the pace and timing of the weekend.

My big takeaways from the weekend:
The importance of proper breathing using the diaphragm. Many off us breathe too much into the chest and not enough into the belly area. Due to stress or physical trauma the diaphragm can become tight and restricted making it very difficult to take a deep breath. By tapping or massaging specific points on the body we can help to free the diaphragm and improve a person’s breathing capacity. This in turn increases energy and relieves tension throughout the body.

The vital connection between the Psoas (a hip flexor muscle) and the diaphragm. Correct diaphragmatic breathing supports the Psoas muscle. There is also a connection between the Psoas and the Neck muscles. As the Psoas in very often involved in low back pain it is very important that if functions correctly i.e. neither too weak or in a tight spasm. By checking and adjusting the neck muscles we can re-set the Psoas.

I was amazed at how restricted many of us are in our Range of Movement without being in actual pain. The body compensates in various ways for as long as possible but sooner or later a point will be reached beyond which we will feel pain or stiffness. This usually happens when the body is under stress be it emotional or extra physical exertion such as in sports or heavy work. The good news is it is very easy to improve Range of Movement of muscles with simple kinesiology techniques. This means we can be one step ahead and avoid that pain and stiffness.

Most importantly Marek emphasised one core principle that I learned years ago on my very first morning of Kinesiology Training: The Body Heals it-self. As practitioners we assist and facilitate but ultimately it is the client’s body that does the healing. When people ask me if I can fix problem X or Y, I respond by saying I will do everything I can to facilitate your healing over a short course of treatment sessions. Healing is a process and it takes time for the body to adjust to a new and better way of living. Everybody is different and I tailor my treatments to suit each person and address their individual needs. I will give my clients simple techniques and information that they use at home between sessions and after the course of treatments is complete. As we all journey through life we learn and grow and put ourselves under stress and strain. By knowing how to heal ourselves at the very early stages we are empowered to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible.
In our modern society many people look for a quick fix for annoying health problems. They usually choose a treatment option based on what is widely accepted and advertised. I have never agreed with this approach. I do my own research ask lots of questions and make an informed decision based on what feels right for me now and in the long term. For anybody who is looking for a gentle natural treatment for low back pain or other chronic pain do send me an email and I will get back to you to discuss how I can help.