muscular pain help with kinesiologyMost of us are familiar with the word “lever” and what it does. In simple terms a lever amplifies a small force at one end do heavy work at the other end. Or it just makes life easy! Even without knowing it we use levers all the time in daily life. Think about opening a door, using a screwdriver, sweeping the floor or prising open a tight lid. A small effort at one end does a much bigger job at the other end. As a Systematic Kinesiologist I work a lot with people who have tight and sore muscles which cause pain and restrict movement.  I don’t massage, stretch, or apply heat or vibrating pads to the muscle itself. I work instead on specific points which are related to but at a distance from the muscle.  We all have tiny areas on the body called Neuro Lymphatic points. These are mostly between the ribs and either side of the spine. Rubbing a specific point for even 20 seconds will energise and support its corresponding muscle. This is a very simple and quick way to relieve muscle pain and stiffness.  Just like using a lever we can achieve great results with minimum effort.  To see how you can help yourself check out my videos. If you wish to book an appointment with me please use the contact form on this website.