Sligo Kinesiology for food intolerance testingWhen it comes to healthy living we often hear the phrase “You Are what you Eat”. There may be a certain amount of truth here but there is another way of looking at it. For sure it makes perfect sense to avoid processed food which contains many chemicals and to cut down on sugar and artificial sweeteners. It is good to eat natural nutritious food and home cook from basic ingredients.  People however are biochemically different and foods that agree with one person’s system may irritate another. I have discovered through experience and verified by Systematic Kinesiology muscle testing that I am better off not eating wheat or potatoes. If I eat either I get tummy cramps, bloating and feel sluggish. Yet many people enjoy bread and potatoes and have no ill-effects whatsoever. When I muscle test clients some are surprised to learn that a common food they eat everyday does not agree with them. They may have been suffering digestive symptoms and pain for months or years, yet no medical reason was identified. The good news is that by swapping out just one or two things in our diet we can bring about a dramatic improvement.   Less discomfort and more energy in just a few weeks is possible by finding and avoiding foods that we are intolerant too. So really it is what we Don’t Eat that makes the difference. Having a comfortable digestive system does wonders for overall health and energy and also boosts the Immune System.