Sligo Kinesiology help for muscle aches and painI have recently added a video channel to this website to share the self-help videos I made over the last few years.  Due to the current situation with lockdowns and social isolation I believe self-help and taking responsibility for our own health and wellbeing is more important than ever before.

Over the past year I have missed being able to meet up with my colleagues from other parts of Ireland and swap treatment sessions which we would normally do at least four times a year. Because of this I have had to put more effort into self-care and finding out how to fix my own aches and pain rather than relying on another therapist. Through this learning process I have put together new tips and techniques that have worked well for me in easing neck, lower-back and shoulder pain. I am delighted to share these tips in my videos. I have also included some older videos  where relevant.  I have a playlist with some Stress Relief tips which are simple and effective. I intend to add more videos to this channel over the next few weeks and months. Hope you find it helpful and do share this link with anybody who might be interested.