Sligo Kinesiology help for muscle painI have always been a big fan of “The Wheelbarrow”. A most useful item for anybody involved in farming, gardening or just general pottering about. The other day when I was using one to move a bag of garden compost I was transported back many years to my farming days when an old wheelbarrow was my best friend.

Its many tasks included:

  • Carrying buckets of nuts to lambing ewes residing in different sheds
  • Bringing square bales of hay and fresh straw to the same ladies. Max capacity two bales otherwise a derailing would be on the cards
  • Removing the straw a few days later …by then a different texture
  • On rare occasions a bouncy buggy for baby lambs
  • Ferrying sods of turf from the aptly named but distant “Turf House” to our backdoor
  • In summertime with a few cushions added and wheel pointing skywards it served as a sturdy garden deckchair

While admittedly low in power the wheelbarrow was much more maneuverable and easier started than our old tractor!  The beauty and versatility of the humble wheelbarrow is down to its design and balance, provided we load it correctly. Too much weight towards the front and it becomes unstable tending to rapidly shed its load downwards and to one side. Weighted to the back it is heavy and hard to push. Get the balance right and we have an efficient lean yet mean machine

Balance is important in all aspects of life. In my work as a Systematic Kinesiologist I strive to bring balance to the body.  I check a series of muscles on both sides and gently correct any that are problematic. Generally the job of a muscle is to contract just the right amount at the right moment to move a bone. When muscles are working in balance and harmony they take the strain off our joints. This means a lot less  stiffness, aches or pain.  With our muscles working efficiently we move freely with less effort. We also enjoy extra energy and strength so even a fully loaded barrow is easy to push.