Sligo Kinesiology relief from back painI have noticed over the last month the big talking point with people I meet is the so called “Jab” as it has become known.  Once upon a time a casual conversation would be about the weather, mutual friends, holidays or nice places to eat.  Now it seems acceptable for friends and even strangers to ask such questions as …did you get the jab?, When are you getting it?  or Which one did you get? I must say I am amazed and stunned to see ordinary people discussing personal medical information like a soap-opera storyline. Do we now make important health and welfare decisions based on what everyone else is doing?  Perhaps having not listened to RTE or picked up a newspaper for well over a year gives me a different perspective on life. I make my own health choices and I respect other people’s right to make theirs. I tend to do what works for me and what has always worked in the past. My personal “shot in the arm” is a supplement of Vitamin D3 + K2 daily, Vitamin C + Zinc as needed and eating good wholesome food which I can easily tolerate.  I have found through experience and Kinesiology testing that I am better off without wheat and potatoes. I love a good walk in nature a few times a week and I drink water throughout the day. I avoid prescription and over the counter medication unless absolutely necessary. Keeping in touch with and visiting family and friends is hugely important to me. These are lifestyle choices I made many years ago  and I see no reason to change or amend anything at this time.  I like to keep ahead of any aches and pain and stay flexible by using simple self-help Systematic Kinesiology techniques. I have lots of free video tips here for anybody who might be interested.  To find out more about how Systematic Kinesiology can help or to make an appointment please call 086-8138963 or use the contact form above.