Help for old injuries

When clients come to me with chronic pain I always test them for old injuries. Sometimes it’s from a car accident or collision on the football field or even tripping or falling at home. These injuries could have happened 6 months or 20 years earlier.  People remark that they “were never fully right” after a certain incident. This is because  the muscle memory of old injuries can be stored in the body in readiness for the next time. Just before impact certain muscles will rapidly contract  to protect the brain and vital organs. Even long after sprains, scars or bones have healed these muscles remain excessively tight or always “on guard”. This results in pain, stiffness, and restricted movement which tends to get worse over time. Using kinesiology muscle testing I can easily find the sites of old injury and release the muscle tension. This quickly eases pain and improves flexibility throughout the body. The energy that was needed to keep muscles in a state of spasm is now available to the body so movement and exercise becomes easier.

Help for lower back pain

Many people suffer for years with chronic lower back pain. This pain may settle down for a while but will flare up acutely at the worse possible time. It may strike suddenly just bending down, twisting or lifting something.  Lower back pain affects everything people do from walking to driving to housework and gardening. Simple everyday tasks require careful planning and lots of time.

Using Kinesiology muscle testing I will check to find the root cause of the problem and work to relieve it. This involves using gentle touch therapy with the client fully dressed and lying down on a comfortable plinth.

Help for shoulder & joint pain

I use the same method for working on knee, hip, neck and shoulder pain. As everything in the body is connected when we resolve a problem in one area it has a positive effect throughout the whole body.

Help for jaw pain

The Temporal Mandibular Joint  (TMJ) is the most complex joint in the whole body.  It is located just below the ear. This joint allows us to open and close the mouth. It also moves the jaw from side to side and the chin forward and back. It has a greater range of movement than any of our other joints.

A massive 50% of sensory and motor brain cells are devoted to the TMJ.  An imbalance here can have a knock on effect on many different muscles throughout the body. It can cause soreness in the jaw and neck pain. It can affect the shoulders and even the lower back. There are several different muscles involved with the TMJ. Some of these can tighten and spasm on one or both sides of the jaw. We tend to hold a lot of tension in the jaw area without even knowing it.

Using Kinesiology techniques I can turn down or relax very tight jaw muscles. In many cases re-setting the TMJ muscles has a very positive impact on the entire body by releasing stress and tension.

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Sligo Kinesiology helping people with back pain