Sligo Kinesiology for food sensivity testingFive main reasons for uncomfortable digestive problems such as cramps, bloating and feeling full. No 4 is not well know!

1. Food sensitivity or intolerance:
Many people are sensitive to certain foods and may not even be aware of it. Two of the most common sensitivities are to Gluten and Diary. People who are not coeliac can still have a sensitivity to gluten and they feel much better when it is removed from the diet. Dairy intolerance may causes sinus and nasal congestion due to extra mucus production. In some but not all cases goat’s milk is better tolerated.

2 Low Stomach Acid:
Very often people take antacids for what is termed “heartburn” and acid reflux. This will ease symptoms but the root cause may actually be low stomach acid where there is insufficient acid in the stomach to begin the complex digestion process. Ironically the symptoms of low and high stomach acid are very similar. If taking antacids is giving only temporary relief then it is worth getting checked for low stomach acid. This condition can be remedied by taking specific natural supplements.

3 Eating too much processed food:
Processed and ready- made foots contain a lot of chemical preservatives and flavourings such as MSG. A sensitivity or allergy to any one of these chemicals can cause inflammation, discomfort and pain.

4 Ileo cecal Valve
This is a small muscular valve at the junction of the small and large intestine. It normally stays closed but opens at regular intervals to allow a section of digested food to continue on into the large intestine. This valve can malfunction causing bloating, cramps diarrhoea or constipation. One symptom is-intermittent pain in the lower right side that is un-explained. The ileo cecal valve can be re-set using a simple non-invasive kinesiology technique.

5. Leaky Gut syndrome:
This is where the surface of the small intestine has many tiny holes which allow food to pass into the blood stream before it is broken down finely enough. This causes the immune system to react and attack what it sees to be an invader. The result is inflammation and pain which can be widespread throughout the body. In cases where people react adversely to almost every food they eat it is usually the gut that needs to be healed rather than just blaming the food.

The good news is that in most cases these distressing digestive problems can be resolved by finding out where the root cause of the problem lies and treating with natural methods. Eliminating even 1 or 2 key irritating foods will go a long way towards reducing inflammation and restoring balance in the digestive system.
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