One of the most annoying things to have wrong with a laptop, phone, car or domestic appliance is an intermittent fault. Most of the time the machine or device works perfectly but it can let us down suddenly and dramatically!!  Often by the time we engage an expert to check it out the fault seems to have vanished only to emerge again at a most inappropriate time.

Similarly with the human body many problems start off as intermittent pain or slight discomfort. We might have pain in our knees or hips but only after walking or running. We might have stiffness in the lower back but only in the morning or pain in the shoulders after lifting heavy bags. In some cases these issues improve within a few weeks but more often than not they continue and the joint or muscle becomes even more painful. This means we no longer enjoy walking, running or sports and we become wary about lifting anything heavy.  Some people have to take pain-killers before doing physical work and while these pills mask the symptoms they do nothing to treat the cause of the problem.

With Kinesiology muscle testing and treatment it is very easy to find and correct intermittent problems before they develop into more painful issues. If a client tells me they get pain for example only after running I will test the muscles involved and find the root cause which may be a weak muscle or spasm or even an old injury.  Using simple techniques I will correct the problem and also give the client tips on avoiding future injuries. It is hugely beneficial to the entire body to correct minor problems that we call “imbalances” in the early stages. This gives people greater range of movement, more energy and the ability to enjoy all aspects of life again

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