Sligo Kinesiology for help with lower back painI took part in a most interesting post graduate training workshop organised by Kinesiology Zone last weekend.  There were about thirty of us who attended. Some were very familiar faces from my own class of 2018, others I had met before at past training events and some that I was meeting for the first time. There is something very special and powerful about connecting with a group of like-minded people. All of us involved in the field of natural health, eager and willing to learn more skills to help our clients. At these events we share our stories and experience over a cup of tea (or green tea) and help one another with ideas, suggestions and words of encouragement. In this day and age when we are increasingly consumed by smart phones, social media and online courses it is so nice to reconnect with friends and colleagues and learn in a vibrant live environment. The course itself was about the body’s energy system and how using very gentle techniques we can relieve pain and increase the range of motion in muscles.  I have been using my new skills quite a bit since and am delighted with the results. For anybody interested in relieving muscular pain with gentle natural means please get in touch using the contact on this website.