A client of mine recently remarked after just three treatment sessions that even though he didn’t fully understand what I was doing he felt a whole lot better. He went on to compare it to electricity he said we “don’t need to understand how it works as long as it works”.  That statement is very true we all know what it’s like to be without power for even a few hours and the feeling of relief when it comes back and everything works again. As long as it works we are happy. We don’t always understand the complex chemical, structural, and energetic workings of the human body but we definitely know when something isn’t quite right. As kinesiologists we talk a lot about balance and we aim to find and fix what is out of balance. This can be muscles where one is very tight and in spasm. Very often we resolve the pain by working on the opposite weak side so that balance is restored. Similarly if we find the gut or digestive system is out of balance we look for the one food that might be causing the problem. When the client avoids that particular food they usually restore balance and the problem goes away.  With the energetic system an over energy in one area of the body can lead to physical pain. Simply re-balancing the system will ease the pain. It is much easier to restore proper balance to the body before it gets too far out of kilter. Addressing that nagging intermittent pain or digestive discomfort in the early stages will save so much pain, time and money in the long run. When problems go too far or accumulate medication or even surgery may be necessary.  For more information on how Kinesiology can help you to stay healthy just contact me using the contact form on this website.