Slligo Aero Club EI-SACMy background is in aviation, Air Traffic Control and flying. For many years I used to fly and instruct in light aircraft. I loved the sensation of take-off, being in the air and enjoying the breath taking scenery of Sligo and the North West from a unique vantage point.  I also loved the logical practical aspects of flying with all the required checks and cross checks. In the early stages of flying training one has to get used to using a light touch on the controls and making very small adjustments particularly when learning to land.  In addition to flying skills a pilot needs to have good judgement and the ability to make the right decision under pressure.

I see many similarities between flying and Systematic Kinesiology. In Aviation communication is very important we must be clear and concise always. English is the official language of aviation all over the world.  We use standard words and phrases and keep transmissions short and to the point. In kinesiology the language we use is muscle testing and this is also extremely precise and to the point. A muscle can test strong or weak.  Through muscle testing we can find out many different things about the body. We check if the muscle itself is working correctly, if a particular food is causing a problem for a client or if nutritional supplements are helpful or not.  We can also test for hidden virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite etc.  Just like flying an aircraft Kinesiology requires understanding the subject matter, accuracy in performance and a light touch.  I don’t use deep massage or push on the bones of the spine. Instead I use gentle pressure or tapping on specific points to stimulate the body to heal itself in the most natural way.

Like in aviation I always do pre-checks and cross check my work to make sure it is accurate. When training to be a pilot I studied Theory of Flight, Meteorology, Navigation, Air Law and Human Factors but it was only by combing them all together in practical flying training that this information made sense to me.  With Systematic Kinesiology we work in four areas of the body Mental/Emotional, Chemical, Physical and Energetic. By linking these areas together and using specific techniques to balance each one we provide a whole person approach to health and well-being.  I treat every client very much as an individual it is never a one size fits all. Two people with similar symptoms will often need very different treatments depending on what is the root cause of the problem.

I love learning new information and updating my skills by attending post-graduate lectures and workshops. I no longer teach people how to fly aeroplanes but I happily teach my clients to help themselves feel so good they can fly though life. People who have worked with me and followed my very simple guidelines have gotten relief from pain, become more flexible and regained comfortable digestion. For more information do get in touch by using the Contact Form on the homepage of this website or call/text Patricia 086-8138963.

Thanks to Sligo Aero Club for the photo of Cessna 172 EI-SAC which I used to fly many years ago.