Patricia at Sligo Kinesiology muscle testingPeople often ask me if I can help with conditions such as Fibromyalgia, IBS, Asthma, Psoriasis, Cellulitis, etc.  My reply is I am not medically trained and I do not treat any specific condition or disease. What I do however is use muscle testing to help balance and support the body’s immune and energy systems.  This means that people are better able to heal themselves.  The body is naturally designed to repair itself if given the right conditions and environment. Even the most highly skilled surgeons can only do so much to help a patient. After surgery it is the person’s own healing ability physical, emotional and energetic that will determine the outcome. The more balanced and healthy we are the faster and more easily we recover.

As a Systematic Kinesiologist I use gentle muscle testing to find out where imbalances are held in the body and what support may be needed.  For example if a client attends with lower back pain and I find that nutrition is a high priority I will check if certain foods could be contributing to a muscle spasm. Also I can check if a particular nutritional supplement is needed for a time. It is never a good idea to assume I know what’s best.  I am guided always by the client’s body through muscle testing.  So really You the client are giving Me the answer!

Some people can be quite sceptical at first. Once they experience muscle testing  and follow through they are amazed by how accurate it is. While muscle testing may look and sound easy it is a complex bio-feedback system which requires skill.  Like every worthwhile skill it takes training and years of practice to prefect.  When I test clients I often find that foods like Gluten or Dairy are not agreeing with them. Sometimes people who are fine with Gluten have a problem with Oats, Potatoes or Tomatoes.  We are all different bio-chemically so there is no “one size fits all solution” A skin rash in some people may be related to wheat but in others it could be emotional stress or a chemical in the environment. Using muscle testing skilfully and applying the results is a very useful way of helping with a wide variety of chronic annoying conditions.