In so many situations in life it is very easy to jump to conclusions and make assumptions. We hear or see something and immediately the obvious answer springs to mind. However like in most good detective films the first suspect is seldom the culprit. We need to follow the evidence carefully and ask lots of questions to solve a problem. I recall an unusual set of symptoms I had many years ago. Every morning after a 40 minute drive to work I would feel dizzy and nauseous for about an hour then I would be ok only to feel the same way after coming home in the evening. This went on for about 4 days then I sought professional help….from a mechanic! I asked him to check if there might be any trace of noxious gas in my car making me feel unwell. After a thorough examination he diagnosed and repaired a cracked pipe in the engine and I had no further symptoms.

Sometimes people who feel generally unwell have lots of medical tests and nothing shows up. Then rather than thinking “it must be in my head” they should ask a few more questions. Could this be an allergy to something in the environment, the home, or in a particular food that is toxic? Recently a client of mine just happened to mention she felt wheezy after having a shower. I corrected a sight allergy to chlorine and she has been fine since. I have also found that milk can cause or aggravate sinus problems as can perfume or after-shave. In Systematic Kinesiology we use the body’s energetic system to detect imbalances at a very early stage. Finding the problem at this stage means it is much easier to treat and will prevent years of discomfort and suffering. If something in the body doesn’t feel right is important to keep searching beyond the obvious for an answer.

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