Wheel Balance

When a person comes for their first Systematic Kinesiology treatment we do what is called a full wheel balance. The person lies down fully dressed on a massage table or plinth.  Using light touch pressure we check fifteen different muscles of the body.  We test eight of these muscles on the arms, two on the shoulders and five leg muscles. This gives us an overall picture of how the body is functioning and we note any weak areas.  When we find a weakness or imbalance in a muscle we check for the main cause. This could be related to the mental/emotional, chemical, physical or energetic systems known as MCPE.

Kinesiology Treatment

Depending on what we find we use a number of different kinesiology techniques to help strengthen the muscle. We then retest and the muscle will now test strong. Even when a person has no obvious symptoms a wheel balance will show up minor issues that could later develop into health problems. By finding and resolving imbalances at a very early stage people can avoid unnecessary pain, worry and discomfort.

We are also able to find and treat hormonal and digestive problems.  By muscle testing we can check if a client is sensitive to a particular food.  Such a sensitivity can cause uncomfortable digestive symptoms such as cramps, bloating and bowel problems.  When the person avoids these one or two foods the symptoms usually clear up completely in a few weeks.  In some cases we will advise the client to take a particular supplement to support digestion.  We don’t just guess which one we find out exactly through muscle testing.

Sligo Kinesiology Balancing the body with muscle testing