Sligo Kinesiology Balancing the body with muscle testingThe client lies fully dressed and relaxed on a massage table.  We then ask them to hold either an arm or leg in a certain position.  This means we are testing that one muscle only. The tester pushes gently on the limb for a few seconds while the client tries to hold it steady.  If the muscle is working correctly the limb will not move under the pressure. This means that the muscle and its controlling circuits are in balance.  If the muscle is not firing correctly the client will be unable to hold the limb against the tester’s pressure.  The limb will move slightly showing that something is out of balance and needs to be fixed.

Imbalances are fixed by the kinesiologist rubbing points on the body called Neuro Lymphatic Points. This moves a fluid called lymph which feeds the muscle cells and also removes toxins from the area.  We also hold points on the client’s head called Neuro Vascular Points. When held lightly with fingertips these points bring blood flow to the muscle we are working on.  After we have worked these points for a short time we re-test the weak muscle.  Now it is usually back to full strength and better able to do its job. Each muscle is also associated with an organ of the body.  By working on the muscle more energy flows to that organ giving it strength and support..

The reason why Systematic Kinesiology is so powerful is that we are able to treat the Physical, Mental/Emotional, Chemical and Energy realms of the body all at the same time.


Our thoughts, emotions, problems, dreams and aspirations affect the body as a whole.  We can help people with emotional and stress issues. They do not even have to reveal what the actual problem is.  The client just brings the stress to mind and the we holds some points on the forehead with gentle pressure for a minute or two.  We can also help people to achieve long and short term goals.



Includes the food and water we consume, the vitamins and minerals we take and hormonal and chemical reactions within the body. Through muscle testing we can easily and quickly find foods that might be a problem.  We can also check which supplements the body requires at any particular time. We can also balance and support the person’s hormonal system.



Includes bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and spinal discs.  We can help aches and pains by holding or massaging points on the body to increase blood and lymph circulation to certain areas.  We can release tension in overly tight muscles which is a common problem in the neck and jaw area.



By contacting and holding certain acupressure points we encourage energy to flow freely through the body.  People feel lighter and more relaxed after this treatment.  By balancing the energy system we help keep the body strong and healthy.

One of the  principles of Systematic Kinesiology is that everything in the body is connected.  Our muscles, organs and glands are connected through the meridian or acupuncture system.  Therefore a problem in one part of the body is often related to a problem in another area.  Pain in the neck and shoulder can be due to an imbalance in the pelvis and vis-versa.  We never assume that the source of a persons problem is where the pain is.  Sometimes pain is referred from another issue further up or down the body.  During a treatment we do a full wheel balance and check  muscles all around the body. This tells us where the main imbalances are and where to start fixing. When we find an issue we use several different methods available to restore normal function as quickly as possible.

We will sometimes recommend a nutritional supplement for a short time to help heal a physical problem.  Likewise we will use Bach flowers if a person needs emotional help to clear a physical problem.  We can have two people with the exact same symptoms but we might treat each one differently because the problems is coming from a different source.   We also advise and support people in making lifestyle changes to improve their heath.