Over the past six Patricia from Sligo Kinesiology gives talks and demos about natural health caremonths I have given several talks and demos about Systematic Kinesiology at events all around Sligo town and county. When I’m getting ready to for these talks I have to remember to pack some important items which include:

Portable plinth

Covers for plinth

Sligo Kinesiology Banner

Food testing kit

Wedge shaped blocks for back pain

Flyers explaining what I do

However if I forgot to bring all of the above I could still work away and demonstrate Systematic Kinesiology because I will never forget the most important tools of all ..…My own two hands!  Kinesiology is very much a hands on therapy. I use my hands to muscle test and find weakness. I then rub specific points on the body and hold points on the head to strengthen any weak muscles I find. Of course it is much easier and more relaxing for clients to lie down on a plinth but I can also work with a person sitting down or standing. I find people really enjoy these demonstrations and so do I. It’s much easier to show people what I do and let them feel the effect rather than trying to explain it in words. I am always happy to give talks and demos to groups of people who have an interest looking after their own health through natural methods.