Patricia Kearns Sligo Kinesiology helps people with muscles pains

Drawing By Tina Pommer

Years ago it was quite common to see people …mostly men pushing a car to get it started. Often a quick push would be enough to see that puff of smoke and the car taking off with a jerk. Nowadays vehicles are much more reliable but what about ourselves do we ever need a push-start to better heath?

The human body is designed to heal itself. We all know that a cut on the finger will heal up quickly without much attention. A deeper and more serious injury will need stitches and dressing but ultimately it is the healing power of the body that closes the wound and repairs the skin. Many people have chronic pain due to muscle spasm. Muscles make up about two thirds of our body weight so they are responsible for a lot of pain and stiffness. The common diagnoses of “It’s just a muscle” usually means “…. “there is nothing much that can be done but it will get better in time”. Systematic Kinesiology treatment is one way of speeding up this process by encouraging lymph and blood flow to the affected area. This kick-starts the healing process by removing toxins and bringing oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. This itself increases energy and helps people feel better emotionally which in turn accelerates the entire healing process.  Like the car which got that first push the body once it gets started will continue to repair and rejuvenate without even a puff of smoke.

Kinesiology treatment is often the little push or nudge that the body needs to begin the healing process. If this is of interest contact me by email and I will get back to you.