For some people public speaking comes naturally and easily but not me. I used to be terrified even having to introduce myself in a group. I would hear my heart pounding and my voice would be thin and shaky. Up until recently I never needed to speak much in public so it was ok. Throughout my Systematic Kinesiology training we were encouraged to take up any opportunity to speak in public. We need to get the message across to people of what it is we do. I got the chance to do this a few weeks ago at the monthly “Sligo Women in Business Network” meeting. At the February event we were asked if anybody wanted to participate in a “members soapbox evening” to be held at the end of May. The organiser was looking for six speakers and each person would have 15 minutes to talk about their own business. Thinking this sounded like an ideal opportunity for me and anyway May being still a long way off…I put down my name. Now I was committed and straight away a little bit of panic crept in. Then the self-talk started

What would people think? ….I’m just a few months in business the other people are very confident and competent business owners… they know a lot more than me!

What if I freeze up and I’m not be able to speak?

What aspect of Kinesiology will I talk about? …..there are so many options…

Will I do a demo or not…. will I bring my plinth or not?

What if nobody volunteers to be my demo person?

What will I wear? ….My navy “Sligo Kinesiology” Tee shirt, my light blue one or something smart?

Two week before the event I still hadn’t my speech ready and I was jumping around between different options. Then on the advice of an experience public speaker I decided that I would forget about the demo and explaining how kinesiology works. Instead I will just tell my own story of how I got involved in kinesiology and WHY.

On the evening of May 29th I arrived at the venue early set up my banner and a few small props. I was the first speaker of the evening by my own choice. Once I was called I just went up front and starting talking. I had a few notes written but found I didn’t need them. I simply told my story going through the key points of my life which led me to become a Systematic Kinesiologist. I also gave a few examples of ways in which I have helped people with various different complaints. I even made a joke or two and got a few laughs. This just happened it wasn’t planned. Then my 15 mins was up and it was all over. Everybody clapped I went back to my seat and was able to relax and enjoy listening to the other speakers.

I always find that thinking about something is much worse than actually going out there and doing it. I would regularly talk myself out of doing challenging things and regret it afterwards  Every time I push myself to do something that takes me out of our comfort zone I learn, I grow and I feel better afterwards. Kinesiology has helped me to grow in so many ways and do things I would never have imagined even six months ago.   I am delighted now that I availed of this opportunity to speak in Sligo. Oh and in the end I wore my light blue “Sligo Kinesiology” Tee-Shirt.