Sligo Kinesiology -my Tricycle

For my sixth birthday I got a lovely two tone blue tricycle.  It was my pride and joy and I cycled up and down our lane every day. My imagination turned it into “the school bus”. I attached a pram to the saddle, pulled it along behind and made regular stops for my “teddy passengers”.  After a few years of this unapproved use the saddle broke off! Thinking I might be in-line for an upgrade I showed it to my Dad and said tearfully “I don’t think this can be fixed!” He examined the situation gravely for a few minutes then proclaimed with a broad smile “I know of three different ways I can fix it”!

As a Systematic Kinesiologist I can go one better as we have four different ways of “fixing” and balancing the body. This is called the M.C.P.E.

M is for Mental/Emotional – Very often emotional issues can cause stress within the body which leads to chronic physical symptoms. The nice thing about kinesiology is that the client does not have to reveal or talk about the problem. They just need to think about it and we bring relief by holding points on the forehead.

C is for Chemical/Nutritional –Hidden food sensitivities cause lots of uncomfortable symptoms. Through muscle testing we will find out exactly what food a client needs to reduce or avoid for a while. This is a fast, accurate and non-invasive way of finding sensitivities. In the same way we can check if personal care products are causing skin rashes.

P is for Physical – Sometimes a muscle may not be working as well as it should be. This puts extra pressure on nearby muscles and joints resulting in hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain etc. We use gentle muscle strengthening methods to restore function and relieve pain.

E is for Energy – When the body’s energy system is out of balance it can lead to physical problems down the line. We can stay ahead of this by balancing a person’s energies.

The best thing about Systematic Kinesiology is that we work on all four areas at the same time. In other words you get Four Therapies in One Treatment.

Now to finish my story……my Dad did fix the tricycle and I continued the “school run” for another few months until I graduated to two wheels.