Sligo Kinesiology helping people with shoulder painI have written a few articles about how I fixed myself using Kinesiology. This one is different!  A few months ago I hurt my shoulder and despite my best efforts I couldn’t fully fix it myself. It improved a little but would get sore again when under any pressure. I was rubbing various points related to shoulder muscles but I was only guessing as I could not muscle test on myself. To do this I really needed to see another kinesiologist.

Finally I gave in and asked one of my colleagues to take a look. She tested me found the problem and fixed it. I felt some relief straight away and I knew we were on the right track. Once we figured out where the problem lay I was able to continue working on it myself and in a few days the pain was gone. The actual source of pain was not even a shoulder muscle but one in the mid back which was affecting my whole shoulder and neck area. In kinesiology we treat the entire body and check many different muscles in a treatment session. This makes it easy to catch a problem in one area which might by causing pain somewhere else. Sometimes pain in the lower back or sacrum can be due to problems with the neck and vis versa.

The lesson I learned from this is that when I need help I will ask for it sooner rather than later. The earlier a muscle weakness is treated the quicker the recovery time. As therapists we are very busy looking after other people and it is easy to neglect our own health.  I fully intend to get regular treatments from now on.

I often meet  people who in the course of conversation will tell me that that have some pain in the lower back, hip, knee, shoulder etc but…. “it’s not bad enough yet”. In other words they won’t get anything done until it gets much more painful!  This is such a shame as intermittent or minor muscle problems are easy to fix in the early stages. I know this myself from experience.