Systematic Kinesiology began in the 1960s with a group of Chiropractic Doctors in the USA.  They discovered that rubbing an area on the body away from a painful joint brought quick and long lasting relief.  After years of research and vigorous testing they found other new ways of relieving pain and strengthening the body. They proved that these techniques worked over and over again.  When used by different doctors across the country the techniques still gave the same good results. These methods were included in  a new system of health care which became known as Applied Kinesiology.  From this system Mr Brian Butler developed Systematic Kinesiology and brought it to the U.K in the 1980s.  Systematic Kinesiology is fairly new here in Ireland (1990s) but it is becoming more popular every year.  This is due to a very high standard of training provided by Siobhan Guthrie at The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology  (TASK) in Ireland.  Siobhan and her team of dedicated instructors run Balanced Health courses  twice yearly in several locations throughout Ireland. The Academy also runs a Diploma course in Dublin for people who wish to train to professional level in Systematic Kinesiology.

History of Systematic Kinesiology