Sligo Kinesiology Surrogate testingSurrogate testing is where another person substitutes or “surrogates” for the person who needs to be tested. If  somebody is very stiff or in pain we will not be able to test them in the normal way. The person who is “The Surrogate” lies on the plinth and the person being treated “The Client” makes physical hand contact with the Surrogate. We then go ahead and check the different muscles of the body.on the Surrogate.  Because there is physical contact between the two people the person we are actually testing is the Client.  The client’s imbalances will show up through the Surrogate’s muscles. When we come to treating an imbalance we like to do that directly on the client.  Again if we cannot do this due to pain or injury we will work on the Surrogate instead and the client will get the benefit.

Surrogate testing is very useful for people who are elderly or frail. It is also great for people who might have a limb in a cast and cannot move easily.